ElLa at St IveS JaZz CluB

Ella & The Rogue Tones will take you on an exploratory musical journey through song, instrumentation and improvisation. This particular gig will have a special focus on carefully picked jazz pieces that are less commonly heard live, including jazz infused original compositions.

This quartet comprises:
Ella Turk-Richards on lead vocals and guitar, 
Pete Truin on Saxophone and lead guitar, 
James Macphail on Double Bass
Treve Nicol on percussion. 

Pete Truin, and James Macphail are regular performers at The Big Kettle events in the Western Hotel, in the Jazz outfit, The Standard Set. Ella is an occasional guest vocalist with this exciting outfit.

Ella & The Rogue Tones

Rich, soaring vocals, captivating guitar, tenor saxophone, sumptuous improvised double bass melodies and hypnotic percussive rhythms come together in a soulful performance sure to make your hair stand on end. 

Ella’s original songwriting, arrangement and group collaborations within the band draws threads from latin, jazz, soul and nu-folk and weaves them into a rich musical tapestry.

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