Tree Field Warblers

Inclusive Singing Group

This is a therapeutic space, run by Growing Links, where you are surrounded by plants, trees and vegetables all tended to and grown in a chemical free environment.
The focus for this special place is to help us renew and repair, engaging in community projects to support in feeling greater connection and positivity.

Come and find some inner peace and raise your feeling of joy in this inclusive singing group set in The Community Garden, on the outskirts of Penzance, with Ella Turk-Richards.

Open to all people

The Tree Field Warblers group is open to all people, from those who feel they have no singing voice, but wish to explore their voice, to those who already may sing by themselves or others and wish to be part of a community vocal workshop session.

You will be guided through learning some sea shantis, music from around the world. You will be taught these uplifting simple songs by ear. You do not need to be able to read music (or play an instrument).
The main focus is to provide you with songs that will lift your spirits and help you to find greater confidence in using your voice. You will be supported and encouraged every step of the way.

This workshop will take place once a month.

LImited Spaces

  • There is limited space on this workshop of 15 places. So please get in touch with Growing Links to book your place.
  • This workshop is free but you must contact Growing Links to check your are eligible to join the workshop and to book your place.
  • There will be an indoor space on days that we need it, as we go through into the colder seasons.
  • There is a free lunch provided for all participants, which you will be offered after the session finishes at 1pm.


Payment is by a half term block at the start of that series of sessions.
A seven week block is £49
An eight week block is £64. (This works out at £7 a session).
You can also try it out for a drop in rate of £8  for up to three times to see if you want to join.

Once you make contact with Ella you’ll be sent up to date information about the length and price of the current term or upcoming term.

Growing Links Community Garden:

Contact Growing Links to book your place on this monthly workshop

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