Vox Choir

Vox Choir

Vox Choir is for experienced choir singers ,who are able to follow interesting rhythms from latin, soul, world music as a broad heading as well as enjoying original arrangements from other genres such as American and English folk.

The Choir

The choir will learn the songs by ear, so no need to read music. There will be opportunity for vocal improvisation within some of the material, with guidance on how to develop this technique.
Ella will be providing the foundations of good vocal technique through the months and years to help each singer explore and develop their abilities.
Above all it will be full of joy in the process of teaching the group hand picked eclectic range of songs. Some of the pieces have been composed by Ella, so there will be some exciting new original pieces alongside some choice classics!

Come and join in this new exciting fun group! You won’t regret it!

You will be singing in a supportive and fun environment to help you flourish and develop your singing and confidence, whilst learning a really great broad style range of songs!

Resuming autumn date is September 6th, 2023.
Humphry Davy School
Tremenheere Building
Room 73

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